Watch the US Netflix in the UK

How to Unblock US Netflix in UK?

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What is Netflix?

netflixNetflix is a world wide movies and TV shows streaming provider with over 75 million subscribers. Separate, you can enjoy Netflix's internet video streaming service which allows internet devices to access the full library of online content as well as provide to a series of individuals access with a single subscription, making sure they login to their Netflix user while not on the subscriber's computer. Films like House of Cards, Lilyhammer, Hemlock Grove and Orange Is The New Black can be seen on Netflix.

Why should I need to watch US Netflix in UK?

Netflix is GEO restricted for other regions than the US and that is a pity, but from the UK, you can enjoy Netflix only at its limit of 60% US content. With a simple trick you can enjoy Netflix at its full capacity, like in the US, from UK!!! Very easy and manageable by any person. Lets discover how we can watch Netflix USA in the UK.

How to unblock USA Netflix in UK?

  1. 1. You will need a registration to, a smart DNS service which can provide you the possibility to pass through Netflix's geo restrictions (on their website there isn't any info about them blocking Netflix, but they sure do that).
  2. 2. You will have to change your DNS on your device (check out "Setup page") and set your Virtual Location to USA.
  3. 3. Enjoy your free 30 days trial on Netflix or in case you already done that, just sign in and voila!

Supported devices

Netflix can be unblocked in the UK from almost any devices including Smart TVs, all types of smartphones, wi-fi routers, tablets and computers. These are some of the most common devices for unblocking:

Smartphones and Tablets: Iphone, Android, iPad, Galaxy.

Smart TV: Sony, LG, Sharp, Panasonic.

Game consoles: Sony PS3, Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4), Nintendo Wii U, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii.

Media Players: Roku, Apple TV, Now TV, Amazon Fire TV, Nexus, Chromecast, Sonos.

Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Routers: D-Link, Asus, Cisco and others.


  • How Does Unblock US Netflix Work?

    When your device is connected to the internet, it uses an IP address. The number of the IP is useful for the communications between your device and other websites and web services. An IP is automatically provided via your ISP (internet service provider).

  • Is Unblock Safe to Use?

    Yes, sure! Your traffic remains pure and safe. Unblock privacy policies are very strict and are ruled by the British laws of privacy. System does not keep any info about your logs and times when using our DNS servers.

  • How do I Get Started?

    Just Sign up and enjoy a free trial. No need for a credit card. After sign up follow the provided setup guide for the device you need to use.

  • How do I Watch the Netflix?

    Unblock system doesn’t stream any content. If you want to watch Netflix, either you visit the Netflix website or download their app on your device.

  • What Devices Can I Use for unblocking US Netflix?

    A wide range of various devices can be supported by Unblock service. A full list of them is available on setup page. Chose your.

  • How Many Devices Can I use With my Account?

    There is no limit in that. Feel free to use as many devices as you wish as long as they are all connected to the same Internet source.

Note: You need to subscribe on 1 mounts free Netflix trial or have an active Netflix subscription to use US unblocking
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